2020 Tax Filing Season

At Universal Tax, Inc. we offer 2 All Inclusive Packages providing an Unlimited Audit Protection Plan for your business needs. Professional coverage for PTIN holders, offering our one-of-a-kind exclusive Universal Tax, Inc. PTIN Protection Plan provides protection coverage for all your tax clients for 1 Flat fee. Universal Tax, Inc. will professionally defend a covered Federal / State Income Tax Audit or notice. From the initial notice, to its completion, we are here to provide professional representation. We offer year-round customer service, bilingual assistance, and status updates for your tax clients.

What’s Covered on your Unlimited Audit Protection Plan?
  • Relief for your Tax client from the IRS / State Tax Audit provided by Universal Tax, Inc. Our Universal Tax, Inc. IRS Audit Protection Plan works directly with your tax client and the IRS / State Tax Auditor to bring the matter to an immediate resolution. Your tax client will receive updates on any correspondence as the case is being processed. Bilingual Tax Representation available.
  • Resolution of unique cases – Universal Tax, Inc. IRS Audit Protection Plan will help resolve such issues as EIC, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits. Universal Tax, Inc. IRS Audit Protection Plan also assists in resolving rejected ITIN (W-7) applications. Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule E and Schedule F are also covered at no additional charge.
  • $2,500 Guaranteed – You may rest at ease knowing that you have coverage for your tax client’s services. If a legitimate Tax preparer error is made during the filing of a tax return, your tax client will receive coverage for the consequent taxes, penalties, or interest up to $2,500.
What’s Covered on your PTIN Protection Plan?
  • Claims and damages
  • Defense costs – including appointing an attorney, if necessary
  • Claims arising from Tax Preparation (Must have an Active PTIN)
  • National coverage – Coverage for Federal and State filed Tax Returns.
  • Coverage Limits $10,000 (Federal) / $5,000 (State) per claim

       Coverage effective for 2020 tax filing year (Active PTIN required for         current tax year)

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